The change that Covid-19 has brought, be it in the marketplace or in customer preferences and in the business model across industries, has been unprecedented. The need for a best-in-class strategy, that is adaptive and nimble, and designed for the new normal, has never been more pertinent. The key to the future, however, is not just in strategy formulation, but in successful execution.

Cedar has been assisting global clients across industries in the formulation of innovative strategy and in its effective execution. Cedar has a 30-year track record of design and implementation of strategy for its global clients on a fast-track basis, thereby delivering on the quick-win benefits of their transformation. We make strategy and innovation work.

Cedar’s strategy formulation and execution approach is based on the Balanced Scorecard framework. Cedar’s heritage includes being part of the firm that was co-founded by the creators of BSC. The formulation of strategy involves both external market-place analysis, and also internal client organizational review. Cedar adopts the Delphi technique to develop and triangulate the hypothesis. The BSC Strategy Map allows for establishing a cause-and-effect linkage that helps in aligning the strategy objectives and also prioritize the key initiatives as part of the transformation.

The strategy design includes identifying and defining target customer segments and their preferences, the product portfolio and the unique selling proposition, key internal process areas that are critical for success, the overall organization design as well as the technology drivers that are key for delivery of outcomes. The resulting financials are projected both from a revenue and profitability standpoint. This is drawn both at an enterprise level, as well as at the respective SBU and support unit level. The fast-track implementation is facilitated by Cedar’s proprietary tool PRIMA-BUSINESS, that helps monitor effective execution.

Cedar’s strategy team has assisted clients across multiple sectors including Automotive, Consumer, Financial Services, Government, Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Technology, Telecom and several diversified groups. More importantly, the insights are drawn from global experiences to be applied with a regional and local context.

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