Client Situation

Our client is a leading wholesale and retail bank based out of Bahrain. The client wanted to centralize branch operations and enhance digitalization to drive efficiency and improve productivity. The bank wanted to run a pilot program on their subsidiary in Algeria. The subsidiary has ~40,000 customers and 25 branches (including one window) in Algeria. In the case of this project, Cedar worked with the bank to establish a centralized & digital-led way forward model focusing on high impact branch processes across the bank.

Cedar’s Approach

In this program, Cedar was mandated to conduct a diagnostic review of the client’s branch operations model and design a way forward centralization model with guidance on its implementation.

  • Reviewed the current branch operating models with 75 processes across 8 areas reviewed.
  • Conducted 8 key internal interviews with 4 branches visited.
  • Validated current initiatives and shortlisted key processes to be centralized.
  • Assessed the current central operational and core functions and ensured the alignment of central operations to the overall operational structure.
  • Conducted a fishbone analysis gauging a hierarchical structure, lack of digitization, overstaffed branches and teams working in silos.


The program resulted in the designing of a best-in-class way strategy including merits, issues, change management supplemented by a high-level implementation roadmap.

  • Improved the quality of service and customer experience through the streamlining of 15 key processes and reskilled employees through talent enhancement.
  • Mapped the shortlisted processes based on global best practices.
  • Ensured applicability of processes in Algeria in collaboration with the bank team.
  • Defined engagement initiatives to improve employee satisfaction.
  • Ensured effective utilization of resources with a potential headcount optimisation of 60-70 through streamlined processes and automation.

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