The current market developments present organizations a unique opportunity to pivot its business model as they strive to become a strategy-focused organization. To seize this, one needs to craft an effective strategy with agility as a secret ingredient during the implementation phase of the strategy.

Cedar has over two decades of strategy formulation experience in assisting clients globally in developing implementable strategies, using the world-renowned Balanced Scorecard framework. Cedar’s heritage includes being part of the firm that was co-founded by the creators of BSC.

Strategy formulation and execution at Cedar is driven by a set of smart consultants who come from different industries from across the world, led by subject matter experts with 100+ years of experience.

How we add value

  • Cedar develops a comprehensive strategy covering all four critical perspectives – a financial strategy that meets shareholder expectations, a customer strategy that helps achieve financial objectives, an internal process strategy that ensures that customer expectations are met or exceeded, and an organizational and technology strategy that ensures organizations attain process excellence and in the delivery of the overall strategy.
  • Cedar’s methodology includes a detailed internal analysis supplemented with an external market deep dive. The result is a tangible Strategy Map that summarizes the cause-effect relationship between strategic objectives, and more importantly concluding on the quantitative and qualitative impact the enhanced strategy will have on the organization’s performance.
  • Assignments are completed on a fast-track basis, building consensus along the way, without disrupting business as usual. Besides formulating strategy, Cedar helps organizations effectively manage the execution of the strategy, using its breakthrough business project management toolbox PRIMA. Strategy formulation programs can be enterprise-wide and/or focusing on specific business units.
  • Across industries Cedar has helped organizations build digital businesses, build omni-channel digital customer acquisition techniques, unlock new customer segments, identify the best coverage & distribution model, strengthen risk evaluation, maximize product cross-sells, build lean and digital processing team whether in-house or outsourced.

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