PRIMABUSINESS is Cedar’s proprietary project management tool, built to provide you with much-needed visibility on all your strategic initiatives and drive breakthrough project execution. The tool harnesses Cedar’s Balanced Scorecard-based project management framework, developed by a team that has successfully implemented over 300 large-scale business strategy, Balanced Scorecard, and organizational restructuring projects worldwide.

Using its single integrated collaboration platform for automation, PRIMABUSINESS facilitates highly effective management of all your business and strategy programs and provides a single view of your projects’ overall health, progress, and budget in real time.

With its highly intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboards, PRIMABUSINESS offers:

  • A single point of reference on program portfolio status for all key stakeholders.
  • At-a-glance view of all issues and actions requiring attention across work streams.
  • Investment budget control capabilities at both the project and overall program levels.
  • Clear view of timelines and status of key milestones for each work stream.
  • Tracking of objectives, dependencies, and risks for each work stream.
  • Organization of projects in logical clusters aligned with the Balanced Scorecard: Finance, Customer, Process, Organization, & IT.

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