COVID-19 has brought about an unprecedented change in global businesses. Business models being developed must be adaptive and agile. There is also an increased focus on cost reduction and efficiencies. People, physical assets, and technology are the key areas of focus to reduce operational costs.

Cedar has been assisting global clients across industries to formulate innovative strategy and ensuring its effective execution. Cedar has a well-proven track record of strategically reducing cost in 90 days or less across different organization verticals. We make strategy and innovation work.

Cedar’s cost optimization involves an in-depth internal organizational view, external market-place analysis and assimilation of the best practices used across the industry. The approach provides insights to organizations to enable quick wins to achieve long term objectives.

How we add value

The cost optimization framework involves identifying key optimization levers across people, physical assets, and technology.

  • Cedar helps develop an optimized organization structure by delayering the organization, benchmark loading and right-sizing the headcount based on the expected volumes. The approach enables vertical and horizontal delayering along with the consolidation of activities.
  • Cedar also enables organizations to optimize physical assets by developing branch reduction & consolidation strategy, office space rationalization, digital service, and offshore centre optimization. The approach provides a holistic rationalized view across owned and leased assets.
  • Technology optimization is achieved through a detailed application landscape analysis using the proprietary Cedar 8-layer approach, enabling institutions to make informed decisions on the systems. Cedar also helps organizations optimize their infrastructure to facilitate cost-saving.

Cedar can help develop a cost optimization roadmap in 90 days using an AGILE project management framework with outputs weekly. The roadmap can be designed in 30 days featuring a diagnostic report across people, physical asset, and technology. This is followed by the implementation roadmap along with the prioritization of initiatives.

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