How intelligible is your corporate data? Does it equip you with the information you need to succeed? And how quickly? While organizations are saddled with data that hold valuable, actionable insights, many are equally constrained by poor business intelligence practices and inefficient technology. How did we get here?

When it comes to data management, companies tend to place negligible importance on ‘what must come out’ — that is, the extraction of meaningful insights — to instead focus on ‘what must go in’. This results in a process that, ultimately, leaves many firms data-rich but information-poor. Others invest in tools that have technical applications, but don’t provide the critical knowledge required for business use.

That’s where Cedar’s world-class business intelligence division, Cypress Analytica, comes in. By bundling our strong intellectual property, built over 3 decades of extensive consulting experience, Cypress has developed innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use tools, designed to alleviate the challenges of business decision-making. Our comprehensive technology offering includes sales, customer, financial, product, operations, and risk analytics, equipping you with the real insights you need to drive real results.

The Cedar Toolbox™ is powered by consultants who have extensive experience in developing and implementing successful banking transformation programs, unique thought leadership on the Balanced Scorecard framework, and the ability to effectively translate internal and external data into high-impact market and competitive strategies.

Empowered by our innovative, proprietary technologies, businesses across industries worldwide have been able to develop best-in-class performance management systems, operationalize their vision and strategy, and enhance their strategic decision-making and program execution.

By leveraging our suite of predictive analytics and optimization solutions, you’ll be well-equipped to focus on, and prepare for, a brighter future.

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