The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to make difficult decisions to simply keep their head above the water. The old ways of working have become redundant to a large degree and adapting to the ways of the new world is quite simply a matter of survival. Companies can only adapt if their employees adapt. It becomes incumbent on organizations to ensure that the right competencies are being measured and developed within the organization. This is where most organizations let themselves down by focusing only on outcomes and not the foundations that drive these outcomes.

A Competency Assessment Framework can drive desired behaviour & reinforce organization values. It is used by organizations to communicate which behaviours are required, valued, recognized and rewarded for specific levels. This is typically applied across management levels and can be leveraged for recruitment, promotion and training needs analysis. It provides a framework that organizations can leverage to drive feedback and development plans for employees. Applied intelligently, this is a powerful framework that can guide organizations in building an organization that can survive and thrive during these uncertain times.

How we add value

  • Competency Framework Design: Cedar’s Competency Framework provides organizations a structured method to measure and develop appropriate competencies. It comprises of 3 major competency clusters (Strategic, Operational and Organizational) that are typically classified into 3-4 competencies within each. These are applied across management levels and are scored on a proficiency scale ranging from 1 (Basic) to 5 (Expert). The definition of each competency across levels will differ. The framework is designed to reflect the company’s vision & values, and aligned with the overall strategy.
  • Competency Mapping: Cedar follows a 3-step process to assess & develop competencies across the organization. The first step is to Assess the key personnel across the organization based on questionnaires and confidential interviews. The second step is to conduct a quantitative & qualitative scoring of each personnel to undertake a gap analysis across strategic, operational and organization competencies. Finally, Cedar provides a clear Learning & Development roadmap with specific training needs and Learning & Development initiatives for each of the personnel assessed.

Organizations should seek to develop competencies in a holistic manner that can make them adaptable and resilient. The elusive quality of adaptability and resilience can only be developed within organizations, if the right set of competencies are being measured and developed.

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