Service Excellence

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With the new global challenges of 2020, holding on to all your customers, especially your profitable & key ones will be critical. New customer acquisition is going to be difficult. The only way you will survive & succeed in this turbulent year will be by excellence in the way you serve your customers while at the same time delivering on your product/service benefits, and brand. Global data indicates that 50% of clients are lost by firms within a span of 5 years. This is not the year for you to be in this group of firms.

We help clients deliver service excellence using our Customer Experience Framework. This framework brings excellent results between customer need identified and customer need satisfied by ensuring the alignment of the following:

  • Have we segmented our customer correctly?
  • What are the service needs of each of these segments, and what are the transaction volumes?
  • Are the customer segments using the correct channels designed for each group?
  • What is the technology & manpower assets being used to deliver service, and has the digitization been optimized?
  • What are performance metrics we are using to ensure service levels in an omni-channel environment are consistent?

Using a significant amount of BI and analytics, key parameters of the strategy are mapped against the organization’s processes and serve as inputs to deploy the right CRM solution. Cedar provides end-to-end support, from vendor selection to implementation assistance. While also assisting clients in setting up or improving performance of call centers / help desks. Cedar uses the AGILE methodology to ensure results are delivered on a weekly basis.

The most profitable customers deserve the best service. Make sure this happens this year.

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