Conducting a high-quality Net Promoter Score (NPS) program will not only allow you to resolve critical issues, but help you innovate and differentiate in an increasingly crowded marketplace. A NPS exercise will also ensure you find your best customers and identify the best products and services for them.

Our experienced consultants, tried-and-tested frameworks, deep cross-industry knowledge, primary research expertise, and fast-track execution strategy will ensure you gain maximum benefit from your NPS program.

Customer Segmentation & Research Design

To begin, we’ll arrange a detailed workshop with your team, in which we’ll understand your needs and validate your critical objectives. Our consultants will also garner key customer information: segments, types, transactions, and prioritization, using our proprietary analytics solution to review segments. Based on the business objectives and customer details identified, we’ll prepare a thorough discussion guide with which to conduct pilot interviews and share initial feedback with you.

Data Collection & Analysis

Equipped with our best-in-class data capture methodology, we’ll conduct primary interviews with target groups across specified cities and regions. Cedar’s data analysis then begins with our dedicated business intelligence and predictive analytics teams, using our proprietary NPS analytics tool. Based on our team’s findings, we’ll identify and conduct further diagnosis on critical focus areas.

Recommendation & Implementation Sequencing

Cedar will detail its recommendations across customer process transformation, product mix & prioritization, and technology innovation. We’ll then develop a highly actionable way forward strategy and implementation roadmap – one that balances effort and impact to maximize results. The program culminates in an interactive workshop with you and your team, in which we’ll finalise your overall strategy direction and action plan.

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