Client Situation

Our client is a leading UAE foreign consumer bank with branches spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain. The retail customer interacted with the bank at multiple points like branches, call center, IVR, internet and ATMs. In the case of this project, Cedar worked with the bank to develop a customer service strategy for its consumer banking division to not only improve turnaround time (TAT) to customers and better quality service but a potential reduction of cost by shift in product delivery channels and use of technology.

Cedar’s Approach

In this program, Cedar was mandated to create an overall customer strategy to augment the client’s customer service strategy.

  • Conducted a segmentation exercise of the overall customer base, and assessed the customer contact matrix, current customer service levels and the technology framework.
  • Evaluated the customer service organisation structure and developed an overall customer service vision and strategy.
  • Conducted over 15 interviews across the organisation.
  • Redesigned business processes to deliver the new customer service strategy
  • Benchmarked the client’s current phone banking customer service level against world class levels from Cedar’s experience and industry expertise.
  • Recommended the use of technology as an enabler in delivering superior customer service.


This program resulted in the successful creation of an overall strategy to improve customer service operations.

  • Identified the importance of customer service vision and strategy to be articulated by all levels of management.
  • Recommended repricing of services to gain significantly through fee income.
  • Identified restructuring of the customer portfolio as a key driver for profitability through reducing the low-value customer to 25-30% with the mid-value customer being increased to 55-60%.
  • Recommended the need to shift transactions from branches onto alternative channels.
  • Recommended a structured overhaul of phone banking through training, monitoring and customer education.
  • Designed a strategy map and provided performance measures to the client.

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