Current State Assessment

We perform a deep review of all your current applications as well as the technology governance structure and organizational initiatives in place. Cedar consultants employ several techniques to carry out our detailed review of your current digital capabilities, including interviews, portfolio analysis, and current business strategy assessment. We'll also work with you to identify key opportunities to explore on your digital innovation journey.

Digital Initiative Identification

Based on our in-depth research, we evaluate applications in place and assign appropriate actions for each: Retain, Upgrade, Replace, or Evaluate. Our team also leverages data-driven insights to prioritize the key technology initiatives to deploy in order to achieve both your short- and long-term digital transformation goals.

Digital Roadmap Formulation and Implementation

Cedar has extensive experience in digital strategy consulting, equipping us with the expertise to develop a highly functional digital blueprint with all technologies and capabilities included. We can aid in designing a clear organizational structure, which includes outlining the roles and services required to help you achieve digital success. Monitoring progress will also be of critical importance, and we'll assist you here, too, with our customized project evaluation framework.

Client Cases

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