Client Situation

Our client is amongst the largest banks in UAE with an asset size of around USD 220 Billion. The bank offers services across personal, private, corporate and investment banking. As part of its international business transformation, the bank was planning to transform its technology applications. The bank sought guidance on effective decisioning and the way forward for this technology transformation across its 17 branches in Egypt.

Cedar’s Approach

The bank had mandated Cedar to analyse the best fit option while ensuring cost optimisation.

  • Reviewed existing applications and technology architecture.
  • Conducted a detailed review and assessment cross the current cost alternatives.
  • Evaluated 3 alternatives across 9 different applications: Replace with a new system/ technology stack, upgrade existing application stack, retain existing stack, and refresh technology only.
  • Evaluated the alternatives against a defined framework: Strategy alignment, timeline, cost, resourcing model, complexity, local market.
  • Created detailed decisioning criteria for each area, along with the pros and cons.


The program resulted in a detailed analysis of the technology and strategic areas to arrive at an optimised cost across the 3 alternatives evaluated. The results included

  • Identified optimisation possibilities across multiple areas (Rollout Approach, Discovery, Pricing Models, Infrastructure costs, Resources, Vendor convergence, Centre of excellence).
  • Provided recommendations across each of the 7 areas identified.
  • Designed optimised cost options in the range of 10-15%.
  • Provided recommendations (big bang v/s phased) on the rollout approach.
  • Recommended the best way forward approach from the alternatives available.
  • Identified and funding initiatives from the parent group company.
  • Recommended a fixed price RFP rollout to ensure cost optimisation.
  • Identified further potential cost optimisation initiatives across business and finance departments.
  • We made strategy and innovation work.

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