BSCAccelerator is an innovative performance management tool used by leadership teams worldwide to design best-in-class enterprise strategies and make informed strategic decisions using the Balanced Scorecard framework.

The tool empowers users to monitor and track performance at both the enterprise and divisional levels, with a holistic overview across 4 perspectives: finance, customer, process, and learning & growth. Cedar’s heritage, which includes being part of the firm that developed the original Balanced Scorecard, has equipped us with the unique and extensive expertise that drives BSCAccelerator.

The technology comes with a proprietary dictionary of over 2,000 industry-specific lead and lag performance measures and harnesses analytics to transform your organizational performance at the enterprise, departmental, and individual levels.

Using our intuitive dashboards, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Design and customize performance measures for the organization, as well as for each department, using the Balanced Scorecard framework.
  • Quickly and easily upload monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual targets for each position in the organization.
  • Assign and modify objectives, owners, and corresponding weightages for each performance measure.
  • Update or modify your performance framework in real time with the user-friendly BSCAccelerator Studio.

Our cloud-based BSCAccelerator tool is IT ‘lite’, highly customizable, offers multi-device support, and can be implemented in under 4 weeks.

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