Cedar’s breakthrough Fee Income Analysis Tool (FIAT) is a comprehensive technology that assists your bank’s finance, product, and leadership teams in understanding and optimizing your fee income charges. Our innovative tool enhances strategic decision-making processes around your corporate and retail fee income products and allows clear performance monitoring and tracking.

FIAT leverages our 3 decades of experience in assisting banks with fee benchmarking, identifying leakages, and devising world-class strategies to elevate fee income to ~25-30% of total revenue. The tool is fully equipped with a comprehensive dictionary of over 10 fee income products, 70 typical fee income line items, and insightful benchmarks against 5 region-specific banks.

Upon rapid and seamless integration, FIAT allows you to:

  • Quickly identify your bank’s key fee income heads.
  • Contrast your bank’s standardized tariff against standard heads.
  • Upload your bank’s aggregate volume, charge collection and expected value.
  • Conduct product-level analysis through visualization of key products by volume and value.
  • Conduct charge-level analysis through visualization of key charges by volume & value.
  • Conduct detailed benchmarking through visualization of charge elasticity and identifying your position in specified benchmark ranges.
  • Conduct leakage analysis of all charges and key products.

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