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Cedar’s has been consulting to the telecom industry, since the ruling of Judge Greene, which resulted in the liberalization of the US telecom industry in 1984. Besides the US, the team has worked across the globe in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Korea, for example is an extremely well-developed telecom and broadband market where the team has significant experience.

It has worked on key aspects of the wireline business across the US and the globe on market and customer trends, technology, operational support systems and changing regulations. It has significant knowledge of the wireless business having worked worldwide in both the 3G and CDMA technology space, and now 4G. As penetration in developed markets has exceeded 100%, carriers have focused on developing successful strategies in the pre-paid, data and wireless broadband business. There has also been the need to build more cost-effective customer acquisition and retailing models.

In the developing markets, the wireless business is growing at a 30%+ growth rate creating significant opportunities for incumbents. Minimizing cost of customer acquisition and churn, and managing both, a large pre-paid and post-paid business is essential for success. 5G additionally creates opportunities for growth but also requires significant capital for infrastructure. SME opportunities as always are under-leveraged. The rapid penetration of smart phones has be a positive technology disruption allowing banks and other product categories to move customers to a wireless on-line channel directly from the teller to the smart phone bypassing the desktop. With the COVID-19 crisis, on-line shopping and entertainment content consumption is off the charts. Things will never be the same again.

Cedar is an expert in using the Balanced Scorecard to develop break-through strategies for its telecom clients. For example in the current context, how will a telco fund the 5G capex while at the same time grow revenues in competitive markets having lost the huge upside on potential data revenue that they could have had during the COVID-19 crisis if they had priced right and the regulator had been responsive?

Talk to us, and let’s execute a telecom model that works.

Strategy Map Example for Telecom
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