Client Situation

Our client is a listed company in Oman founded in 1996. The company manufactures cables for long haul back bone communication links, LAN networks, video transmission & Cable TV, traffic signaling, FTTH solutions, security systems, defense and specialty applications. Cedar had assisted the firm in 2010 with market benchmarked organization structure, JDs, grading & titling system, compensation structure, HR processes & policy manual. The company was restructured recently & a new services division was formed. Given the structural changes, it wanted to realign its organization structure, grading & titling, JDs, compensation & HR policies & processes to market benchmarks

Cedar’s Approach

  • Cedar conducted a detail internal assessment & market study of similar firms in Oman & UAE to determine the most effective & logically customized organization structure
  • Cedar also conducted benchmarking study with comparators in the local economy (manufacturing & services) to determine competitively market aligned compensation structure
  • Differentiated compensation structure was recommended by Cedar for the 3 divisions – Manufacturing, services & telecom. Compensation included fixed salary, allowances, as well as benefits to be provides to employees based on the grading structure. Further given the demands of local economy differentiated compensation structure was proposed for locals & expatriates
  • Cedar also designed detailed policy manual aligned to changes in local regulations & market practices


The company successfully implemented the revised organization structure, JDs, compensation structure & policy manual recommended by Cedar. The following were the key benefits

  • Revised organization structure along with revised job descriptions helped reduce gaps & overlaps in roles & responsibilities
  • KPIs for each position helped sharpen focus & drive superior performance
  • Revised compensation architecture has assisted in better attraction of talent & significantly reduced employee attrition
  • Employee engagement momentum increased through implementation employee friendly HR policies

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