Cedar has a proven track record of strategic cost reduction in under 90 days using an AGILE project management framework, designed to produce results on a weekly basis.

Our approach to cost optimization includes:

  • Product Prioritization: Using our proprietary SKU rationalization models, we help you identify and prioritize products that generate significant revenue or profit, as well as eliminate underperforming products.
  • Channel Rationalization: By leveraging our sales productivity analysis expertise, including financial and catchment area analytics, we work with you to rightsize your sales team and identify brick-and-mortar outlets for closure.
  • Online Strategy Design & Implementation: Cedar builds and executes online strategies for business worldwide, including website or marketplace design, online product & pricing strategy, as well as fulfilment and technology model formulation.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization: Our optimization approach is designed to significantly improve your overall inventory turnover through vendor and distribution consolidation, warehouse automation, and headcount optimization.
  • Manufacturing Assets Optimization: Cedar consultants filter and sort your product line-up into those to continue manufacturing and those to outsource. Our optimization process also includes automation enhancement, headcount optimization, and selective use of PLIs.
  • Headcount Reduction: Our rich human capital expertise equips us with the unique ability to conduct end-to-end headcount reduction programs, covering all aspects from formulation to execution. By conducting a detailed review of departments and roles, we can assist in organizational restructuring and delayering, as well as consolidation of activities and roles. Our consultants also offer full support in the post-exit coordination process, including designing appropriate communications templates, finalizing strategic exit protocol, and assisting in change management.
  • Technology Strategy Design & Implementation: Cedar is experienced in developing best-in-class technology strategies that incorporate new technology plug-ins, minimize fixed capital expenditure on hardware and software, and seamlessly convert your transactions to digital and straight-through processing.
  • Customer Optimization: We help you identify the most profitable customers to retain and grow, as well as those that require re-pricing or exiting.

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