Client Situation

Our client is a large multinational manufacturer headquartered in France. It has ~$1 billion in revenue. Cedar worked with the firm’s US and Canadian offices in the area of renewable energy technology. The company manufactures components for solar and wind energy. It sells specialized materials as well as finished components. One of the areas where the client was looking for growth was in wind energy. For this market the client produces specialized controls and contacts using its proprietary materials. The company needed a clear understanding of the wind energy business in general and specifically of the trends in wind turbine design. Whether the wind turbine is geared or gearless has a major impact on the demand for our client’s components.

Cedar’s Approach

Cedar was mandated to provide a technical market assessment of the wind energy market with particular attention to the future designs and sizes of turbines being produced. The program covered North America, Europe and Asia.

  • Developed a global database on wind turbines, designs and key manufacturers of each component.
  • Interviewed the leading companies involved in the wind energy market, primarily wind turbine OEMs to determine their future design and sizing plans.
  • Developed future forecast of the global wind turbine market and identified demand for our client’s products.
  • Worked with our client to develop more effective strategies for marketing and selling its products to the wind turbine industry.


The program resulted clear picture of the design directions of the wind turbine OEMs and the level of demand that our client could expect in the future. The results included

  • Identified key technologies and design trends for future wind turbines.
  • Quantified the addressable market for our client’s products in the future global wind turbine market.
  • Defined the key elements of a marketing strategy for our client in the wind turbine market.
  • Resulted in the client capturing over 85% of the addressable wind turbine market.
  • We made Strategy Work

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