Cedar’s investment banking practice exists in the form of IBSI Advisors, which is the investment banking arm of Cedar’s FinTech research unit, IBS Intelligence. Our investment banking teams are currently solely focused on leading and closing deals in the Financial Services technology space, owing to our deep research and understanding of global technology players and their systems.

M&A Integration Implementation

Our phased approach to execution is designed to drive rapid realization of integration synergies, clear customer benefits, and seamless technology migration. Our M&A integration programs are typically successful in achieving a ~30% consolidation of products and ~30-40% cost savings with unified business models.

We’ll work closely with your team to develop work stream structures across both entities, as well as implement the predefined governance structure. In addition to this, we’ll ensure high levels of customer alignment and, through building a bespoke internal communication framework and training plan, also ensure organizational alignment. Our technology migration approach, based on a customized end-state IT roadmap and clear vendor management system, is designed to consolidate ~60-80% of technology architecture and minimize business disruption.

Client Cases

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