Our due-diligence efforts follow a fast-tracked 8-12 week program timeline and is typically broken up in the following ways:

Target Firm Assessment

To ensure your investment thesis is fully informed, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of the identified target, with a focus on its current business model, future viability, ability to penetrate and thrive in markets, and outline any untapped opportunities available.

Market and Competitor Assessment

Cedar leverages its best-in-class primary and secondary research methodologies to carry out a detailed assessment of the target market, including analysis of macroeconomic and geographic factors, current market share, and a detailed customer assessment. In addition to this, through interviews with key players, we’ll analyse competitive intensity and develop insightful competitor profiles.

Way Forward Strategy Design

Harnessing our primary and secondary research outcomes, along with a strong understanding of your goals from an acquiror lens, we’ll work together to formulate a way forward M&A strategy that covers financial, customer, process, and organizational perspectives. The strategy design process includes outlining the potential opportunity and market size, as well as expected financial scenarios — both aggressive and conservative — to help you visualize potential revenue models and valuations. The end of this process will also give us the opportunity to outline a clear “GO” or “NO GO” recommendation, basis all our independent and objective analysis.

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