The renewable energy industry is expected to grow at an exponential rate as demand for sustainable energy sources rises to meet worldwide climate goals. The cost of renewables is also forecasted to continue falling, driving organizations to focus on cost optimization and competitiveness.

The production, distribution, and demand for green hydrogen are expected to grow significantly, as it has proven to reduce CO2 emissions. While COVID-19 reduced the demand for solar and wind projects, as well as transport biofuel, the reduction in lockdown measures are expected to boost demand back up to previous levels.

Solar panels, wind turbines, and renewable energy devices are also reducing in price and increasing in accessibility, while artificial intelligence algorithms are making processes more efficient. Other key technologies at play include blockchain, used to protect an increasingly digitalised industry, and smart, affordable, green energy appliances such as window blinds with built-in solar panels.

Cedar's extensive experience in the renewable energy sector makes us your trusted partner in designing, building, and developing a sustainable business model for the future.

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