While private equity deal activity slowed down at the initial onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, it has since picked up, with experts predicting the market will strengthen significantly over the coming year. Demand for commercial due diligence activities and advisory will rise accordingly, and decision-makers should be cognizant of the emerging technologies available to enhance their target company assessment.

Machine learning technology, for example, can be leveraged to optimize labor-intensive processes, including the analysis of key documents. Virtual data room (VDR) software is also increasing in popularity, as this secure digital environment allows only key parties to enter and share highly sensitive or confidential company information, such as financial records or patent filings.

The outsourcing of due diligence processes is also increasing across the private equity industry, as these processes are typically lengthy and require a high level of resource and time commitment.

Cedar's extensive experience in commercial due diligence positions us as the advisory partner of choice for private equity firms worldwide. Through a 6-10 week deep-dive exercise, we conduct the thorough research and analysis you need to make an informed decision.

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