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The arrival of fintech disruption has also been a serious positive influencer in driving effective, impactful innovations, enabled by digital technology. Cedar helps its clients in ideation of innovation, leveraging the knowledge base of fintech digital use-case repository, built with inputs drawn from extensive research and insights drawn from its Fintech research arm, IBS Intelligence .

Cedar’s fintech innovation ideation cuts across a spectrum of areas for corporate, commercial/SME and retail banking functions that are focused on intelligent segmentation, enhancing customer experience, self-service and efficiency driven customer journey mapping, channel mobility, payments, and risk assessment across the customer life-cycle, among others. IBS Intelligence, the Fintech research unit of Cedar actively tracks and profiles digital innovation opportunities driven across AI/ML, RPA, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Big Data and Analytics and the live case examples where these have been deployed globally.

The Sprint workshops result in prioritizing the innovation ideas that are more relevant and relate to the specific opportunities for the bank. Once the initiative backlog gets defined, the Agile Scrum certified Cedar team facilitates the formulation of Agile squads, roles and in the execution PMO using an Agile Framework. Cedar helps enable periodic sprint sessions, project huddles, burn-chart and benefits tracking and in periodic management reporting, using the Agile framework. Faster delivery of digital product releases helps with the ability to gauge customer reactions quicker, to make necessary delivery realignment.

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