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Cedar is a Balanced Scorecard thought leader. A guru. With the COVID-19 crisis, you will not only need new breakthrough business models, but also a framework that ensures they are executed successfully. And the BSC is only framework that can make it happen. Leading magazines recognize it to be one of the most seminal business ideas in the last 75 years. Cedar’s heritage of being part of the firm the was founded by the creator of the BSC, gives us that depth of knowledge and experience that you can’t do without in the current context.

The BSC is typically used in two different ways.

Breakthrough Strategy Development & Execution using the Balanced Scorecard
Globally less than 10% of strategies formulated are effectively executed. The challenge most face is to have a robust and balanced strategic management system. The BSC operationalizes the vision and creates a system of linked Objectives, Measures, Targets, and Initiatives to help companies effectively execute their strategy. The BSC can be cascaded down into business divisions at operational levels to create an enterprise-wide Performance Management System (PMS).

Cedar has completed over 400 Balanced Scorecard projects across industry sectors, thus deepening its BSC knowledge in addition to integrating sector knowledge into scorecard designs. Many of these projects have significantly improved the financial and operating performance of its clients.

Execution Excellence | Making Strategy Work using the Balanced Scorecard is a new book by Sanjiv Anand, Chairman, Cedar globally released by J.Wiley, the world’s largest publisher of business books that encapsulates well our knowledge on this subject.

Performance Management using the Balanced Scorecard
The BSC has also been actively used by CEO’s and the HR function globally to drive enterprise, but more importantly individual performance, and build a performance-oriented culture.

Cedar designs Individual Performances Measures (IPM’s), or what are also commonly called “Individual Balanced Scorecards” CEO downwards, and across the organization. Its expertise ensures that the IPM’s motivate, not demotivate employees. Besides designing the IPM’s, Cedar also transfers knowledge to the HR function on how to maintain and realign IPM’s on a periodic basis based on changes to a business or annual plan.

 Our BSC automation solution Accelerator is easy to implement and helps ensure that the BSC reporting is not cumbersome, and is reported on time ensuring timely strategic corrective action is executed.

Breakthrough strategy execution today will make the difference between survival and success. Put the BSC to work today.

Strategy Map example

Balanced Scorecard example

CEO Individual Performance Measure example

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