Cedar has rich expertise in building best-in-class individual performance measures (IPMs) that closely align with all aspects of the Balanced Scorecard. Harnessing our thought leadership and fast-track methodology, we’ve successfully designed and implemented ‘Individual Balanced Scorecards’ to foster the development of highly performance-oriented organizations worldwide.

Current State Assessment

Through in-depth discussions and close collaboration with your team, Cedar conducts a detailed analysis of your overall business and objectives. We also leverage our proprietary frameworks to review current organizational functions, including an assessment of existing performance management systems in place.

IPM Framework Design/IPM Design

Together with your team, we’ll develop a new IPM framework built on your overall strategy and objectives. For each position identified, we’ll design IPMs that are highly aligned with the corporate and divisional Balanced Scorecards, while ensuring measures are balanced between strategic and operational, as well as financial and non-financial. Through assignment of appropriate weightages and clear definitions of targets for each position, our approach ensures your performance measurement system is fair, clear, and highly insightful.

To facilitate seamless continuity of your performance management efforts, our team will also conduct important knowledge transfer to your HR function, including the process of maintaining and realigning IPMs periodically in response to evolving business dynamics.

Cedar is also well-equipped to assist in automating your performance management system with our proprietary PeopleBSC tool, which leverages best-in-class analytics to assess and elevate employee performance organization-wide.

Client Cases

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