Key Account Management (KAM) using RFM

Knowing your key customers is the first step to success in sales, and Cedar's 4-step KAM methodology is uniquely designed to get you there. We'll begin by conducting a Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) analysis to identify key accounts. Our consultants will then delve deeper into these accounts, collecting key quantitative and qualitative data to arrive at weighted scores for prioritization. Once your accounts have been categorized, we'll work with you to map them along our KAM customer portfolio to optimize your sales targeting strategy and sales force productivity.

Performance Management System Design

Cedar has vast experience in designing high-impact sales PMS for companies to enhance sales force effectiveness, foster higher employee engagement, and increase retention across teams. Implementation of our best-in-class framework can help achieve better alignment between your sales and overall business strategy, ensure market competitiveness, and reinforce key business priorities. We are also well-equipped to design a highly customized loading strategy for your field sales force, to ensure the number of accounts assigned to each relationship manager is optimized for maximum performance — all while ensuring these accounts are given the time they need.

Sales Incentive Program Design

Cedar is well-equipped to build and implement a unique, high-performing sales incentive program for your team. Based on a thorough external assessment of sales compensation models in competitive markets and a deep diagnostic of your current model, we'll outline design guidelines for your new program. We'll ensure alignment with your overall compensation strategy, positioning, and principles, and create a pay-out mix that balances fixed and variable compensation for all sales teams. In addition to this, we'll lay out detailed incentive structures for individual positions, including scale, frequency, and key parameters, and collaborate with your team to implement the program seamlessly and effectively.

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