Current State Assessment

Based on an assessment of your current customers, their needs, as well as your current objectives, we’ll analyze your customer journey maps to define key touch points and pain points, as well as identify each critical ‘moment of truth’ within the customer experience. Through the VoC research method, we can also garner key insights from current and target customers’ opinions of your product, processes, and technology.

Customer Experience Strategy

After our analysis, we’ll define and develop your overall customer experience strategy to optimize customer experience across industries — including differentiated strategies based on your customer segments. We’ll enhance your customer targeting, sharpen the brand value proposition, and ensure your channels, departments, and functions work in tandem to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. Our consultants will also help you to clearly articulate the customer experience and outline the KPIs, technology framework, and key stages of organization involvement required.

Customer Journey Mapping

Based on our assessment and your new strategy, we will build bespoke customer journey maps, outline their corresponding personas and front-end systems, and develop persona-based dashboards for you and your team. Our maps will highlight key friction areas for your customers across buying your product, ordering services, or interacting with your brand in any other way. We have extensive experience in deploying best-in-class techniques, including empathy mapping, reverse mapping, and agile journey creation, and our methodology has proven to drive effective project execution, particularly for digital transformation programs.

Client Cases

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