Integration Strategy Design

The Cedar team will closely collaborate with the acquiror and target firm to understand objectives of all parties, assess integration synergies, and understand budgets to define a highly tailored integration strategy. We’ll also work together to develop an effective governance model, plan for the transition and end-state phases, and build a detailed roadmap that covers all workstreams with assigned ownership and dependencies.

We employ best-in-class approaches to optimize your post-merger integration and mitigate key risks. Our multi-perspective methodology includes ensuring coherent customer integration, portfolio evaluation to determine product and service consolidation opportunities, and organizational grade mapping across entities to identify redundant positions. To ensure the technology transition into the post-merger phase is as seamless as possible, we’ll also develop a detailed application roadmap to outline all affected interfaces across both entities.

Effective Change Management execution

We deploy our 4-step framework to ensure your change management plan is designed to drive successful post-merger integration. We’ll begin by reviewing challenges and needs across business and people operations, after which our team will conduct workshops and training to drive adoption of new systems across entities. You’ll also be able to continuously measure progress and business value through benchmarking and KPI measurement.

Post-Merger Communication Strategy Design

Effective communication is the key to success in large-scale post-merger transformations. Together with appointed committees and ambassadors, we’ll develop a highly structured and actionable post-merger communication schedule that ensures high levels of employee engagement. In close consultation with your team, our integrated communication planning exercise will begin with identifying stakeholder needs and prioritizing objectives. We’ll also work with you to determine and deploy both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ media for communications, while ensuring regulatory compliance, reach, and consistency.

Client Cases

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