The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in devasting challenges for businesses across the global hospitality industry. While many have been forced to cease operations due to poor financial performance, those that remain have had to significantly adapt their range of services to operate in a relatively new and uncertain environment.

The key factor driving change across hotels and recreation facilities is the requirement to maintain very high levels of hygiene and sanitization while minimizing all possible touchpoints between customers, staff, and the environment. This has led to a rise in the use of mobile apps and QR codes in lieu of physical menus and rate cards, as well as the development of contactless food & beverage solutions across restaurants and buffets. Most patrons are also choosing to dine in outdoor areas where possible, to avoid the risks associated with spending extended time periods in enclosed public spaces.

Although demand for hotel bookings has undoubtedly witnessed significant lows over the past year, many hotels have brought in revenue through re-imagined holiday packages. This includes workcation deals, offering professionals a change of scenery from lockdown-induced work-from-home scenarios, as well as re-imagined wedding and small gathering event packages – complete with video conferencing technology for in-person-remote hybrid attendees.

Harnessing our global hospitality consulting experience, Cedar develops robust, innovative strategies that are designed to help you navigate — and succeed in — a post-pandemic world.

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