SME Strategy

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SME’s globally account for over 60% of employment and also potential number of businesses. Yet most banks tend to treat them as step children. Somehow, they can’t figure out how to cost-effectively build a sales organization to acquire business. If they manage that, then they can’t figure out how to build a liability strategy along with an asset strategy. If they manage this, then they can’t figure out how to manage the credit risk. And so, it’s a situation of “can’t live with them, and can’t live without them”.

Cedar is a thought leader in SME and Business Banking sector. We can build really interesting SME customer segmentation models integrating central bank guidelines with supply change inter-connects between businesses. Coverage models that ensure you aren’t hiring hundreds of RM to acquire business. Product strategies that focus on bundling, strong liability products, and asset products that don’t create unsecured risk. An amazing proprietary credit framework that helps you recognize the difference between industry risk and company risk. And a process framework that is driven by digital.

All of the above expertise is driven with a combination of smart consultants, proprietary datasets, and project management tools.

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