Digital Transformation

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Cedar’s digital transformation approach helps define the digital operating model, digital customer journey maps and fast-track approach to execution using an AGILE methodology, involving daily sprint meetings and transparency, with a stronger adoption of Agile tools & technologies. Cedar’s digital transformation approach helps deliver faster digital product releases and ability to gauge customer reactions & alter accordingly.

Successful digital transformation initiatives involve delivery across 5 critical levers:

  • Digital channel adoption
  • Digital product and channel convergence
  • Virtual Point of Presence
  • Digital Fulfilment
  • Seamless open architecture

Cedar’s digital transformation model delivers on the above 5 levers using the Balanced Scorecard framework with the definition of the customer, digital touch-points and relationship, process digitization, digital advisor enablement and productivity improvement, by determining the right digital tools and technology. The Agile Scrum framework, adopted by Cedar in its digital transformation engagements, drives a self-organizing and cross-functional team to deliver results more efficiently.

Cedar’s expertise in defining customer journey maps helps define the touchpoints across each stage of the journey involving moments of truth, and articulation of the customer experience, key steps involving the bank and the KPIs for measurement of delivery. Cedar Customer Journey Map definitions help in driving effectiveness of the execution, particularly for digital transformation programs.

The PMO assistance from Cedar, using its proprietary PRIMA 2.0 tool provides for enhanced governance framework, digital execution reporting and benefits tracking, and more importantly a better digital change management and readiness assessment. Cedar’s certified Agile Scrum Master team help its clients with monitoring and management reporting and in effective definition of user stories and velocity through the 6 step Agile Implementation Methodology involving Preparation, Blueprint, Realisation, Final Prep, Go-Live and Run.

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