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Middle East

Cedar has been assisting clients in the Middle East since 1999, living through the region’s rapid economic development (and challenges). It has helped some of the region’s largest financial services organizations, family owned groups, and trading companies to transform and participate in opportunities across the region. With a strong client base and office in the UAE, Cedar has assisted clients in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey.

Clients have been supported in the areas of market assessment, strategy formulation & deployment using the Balanced Scorecard, HR strategy & transformation, business process re-engineering & cost reduction, and development of business technology strategy. Most of Cedar’s mandates are at the Board and CEO level. Over 200 consulting projects have been executed across industry sectors including financial services, oil & gas, real estate, retail, hospitality, education, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, telecom, automotive, and diversified industrials. Clients range from the government to some of the largest groups and banks in the region.

COVID-19 has created another great depression. The Middle East and the world will never be the same from a cultural, social, economic and business context. Business models will have to be rewritten, and many businesses will not survive. Some new ones will get created. The oil price challenge only makes it worse. How long the recovery path will be is anybody’s guess.

This creates both challenges and opportunities for Middle East firms and Banks. Businesses are likely to be struggling. Financials will be seriously off. For mid-size firms, the challenges could be greater, as growth companies tend to be smaller, and while agile, more prone to catch a flu!

In these challenging times, Cedar can be a valuable partner. Its 30-year global and Middle East multi-industry experience, and its proven track record of transforming firms on a fast-track basis can help you survive and succeed.

  • Jointly work to build new business models and help in executing an AGILE transformation of the business across all areas – finance, customers, products, sales, marketing, sourcing/ manufacturing, organization and technology.
  • Fast-Track and surgical cost-reduction across all areas of the business. A significant part of this is organizational transformation with restructuring, and headcount reduction.
  • New business strategy and transformation for its financial services clients across the region.

Let’s ride the wave together.

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