Cedar's vast process innovation experience has equipped us with a unique repository of more than 1,000 best-in-class process flow and procedure manual documents, aligned to a wide range of industries and functions. 100% of our process optimization mandates have been completed within time and budget, and we've been successful in achieving ~30% reduction in risk and time for our clients as a result of clearly defined standard operating procedures and highly effective stakeholder alignment.

Process Diagnostic Review

We conduct a deep assessment of your process framework to identify opportunities for digitization and innovation. Together with your team, we'll explore hub & spoke models, insourcing and outsourcing, onshoring and offshoring, as well new approaches to digital automation that include AI and RPA.

Using our prioritization matrix, we work with you to highlight all processes that are critical to success and create a competitive advantage. As the source of quick, big wins across both efficiency and cost reduction, these are the systems to transform first.

Process Design & Implementation

The optimization of your processes is a critical component of all productivity enhancement exercises. We apply our lean process optimization methodology to evaluate current processes and identify areas from which to eliminate waste and bottlenecks while reducing TATs.

Informed by our proprietary process cataloging and prioritization system, we'll also remove redundant elements and ensure stabilization, simplification, and standardization of all processes. All our process recommendations are comprehensive, ensuring your organizational strategy, structure, technology, and culture are all taken into account.

We recommend pairing our process optimization methodology with Cedar's Lean Six Sigma business process innovation framework for rapid, innovative, and seamless execution. Our approach ensures results every week, with cost reductions appearing as quickly as 12 weeks from the start of the program.

Our consultants will take responsibility for executing our recommendations in close collaboration with your management team to ensure tactical improvement of your operating efficiency. This approach, coupled with our innovative automation tool, PROFIT, drives our highly successful BPI programs.

Cedar is also well-equipped to prepare detailed standard operating procedure (SOP) documents to assist clients and their teams in training and ensuring consistent process deployment.

Productivity Strategy & Implementation

Built on our process innovation exercise, we design a productivity enhancement program to optimize productivity across your front, middle, and back-office functions, ensuring individuals across teams are primed for optimal performance.

Our consultants will apply their deep cross-industry knowledge to review your current operations, including analysis of work efficiency and quality, as well as management styles and results. By identifying key points of friction and excessive waste, we'll determine key optimization areas and build a detailed list of recommended initiatives, designed to optimize your energy and time.

We'll then work with you to develop an actionable roadmap to implement initiatives using a high-impact phased methodology. Leveraging our extensive People & Organization capabilities, our consultants design and execute effective employee performance management systems, built to incentivize and monitor progress. In addition to this, Cedar deploys best-in-class technology to drive innovative productivity efforts across your organization all while ensuring alignment with your overall business objectives.

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