Client Situation

Our client is one of the leading banking institutions in Kuwait, with an asset size of USD 17 Billion, and well recognized for its high-caliber products and services delivered through 52 branches across the Country. The bank has been extending its channel network and scope of services for retail and corporate clients as part of its digital transformation journey and chose to implement an Omnichannel platform to deliver a seamless and unique customer experience across all channels (corporate and retail mobile & internet banking, IVR, ATM/ITM, branches).

Cedar’s Approach

Cedar was mandated to assist the bank in:

  • Developing the IT strategy, by validating channel strategy & key initiatives, understanding channel usage &
  • performance, bringing market overview, designing the omnichannel roadmap, prioritizing service design and initiatives.
  • Developing the omnichannel architecture, stemming from the validation of the current architecture, assessing micro-services, APIs, ESB architecture, authentication logics and data.
  • Developing the program organization structure based on the Agile approach, developing job descriptions, KPIs and providing Agile training.
  • Selecting DevOps platform options.
  • Designing the customer experience through the development of design roadmaps, identification of segments and personas, analysis of the voice of customer.
  • Assisting the actual implementation of the Omnichannel platform with Agile Governance PMO.


The focus of the engagement has been to provide a full digital banking experience by processing all transactions and applications through mobile, web, wearables across corporate and retail clients. The key achievements have been the following:

  • All customers can now be onboarded and originated on the new digital banking platform.
  • On retail, the customer profitability has been driven through seamless customer experience. It is possible to perform contactless withdrawals and KYC updates in ATMs/ITMs.
  • On corporate, innovation has been introduced on persona-based dashboards and actions, with self-service and mobile services available.
  • Processes have been streamlined for lean workflow setup. Conventional banking processes have been seamlessly integrated with digital channels.

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