Client Situation

Our client is a leading commercial and retail bank, headquartered in Tamil Nadu looking to enhance and build a robust credit risk framework, in alignment with industry best practices. Founded in 1916, the bank has approximately $760mn in revenue as of 2016. Further, the bank employs approximately 7,200 employees with 800 branches across India. Cedar was mandated to execute a review of the client’s corporate and commercial credit framework and provided key recommendations across industry attractiveness, credit process, underwriting framework, and risk management organisation.

Cedar’s Approach

In this program, Cedar conducted a holistic assessment on the client’s internal and external dimensions.

  • Conducted an external macro analysis of the Indian banking industry followed by a comparative analysis of the bank against its peers to understand client’s market positioning.
  • Interviewed 17 key stakeholders involved in the credit process from origination to risk assessment to monitoring and recovery, and across various locations of the organisation.
  • Gathered an understanding of commercial asset book based on industry, segment, product analysis.
  • Assessed current policies, standards, and procedures to identify improvement opportunity for book performance and risk profile.
  • Reviewed the current risk organisation structure from a separation of concern angle.
  • Provided way forward recommendations to the client across financial, customer, process, and organisation.


Cedar provided way forward recommendations across financial, customer, process, organisation areas and implementation guidance to the client.

  • Conducted a detailed diagnostic review with areas aligned with best practices, and areas requiring marginal or significant improvement.
  • Identified 12 key recommendations across areas of risk, credit process, underwriting and organisation.
  • Assisted the client to design an industry attractiveness model for new credit.
  • Realigned credit process roles and responsibilities based on sound risk principle of separation of concern.
  • Formulated a best-in-class commercial credit and risk framework defined across 5 key pillars, based on industry best practices and designed JD’s to align to new process roles and responsibilities.

Relevant Client Cases