The diagnostics and healthcare industries are experiencing significant disruption as certain aspects of patient care are rapidly shifting to online or digital solutions. A growing number of consultations with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have moved to video conferencing formats as telemedicine continues to rise in popularity.

The diagnostics segment is undergoing a similar technological transformation, with the onset of disruptive trends such as genome sequencing automation and high-impact data analytics. With the cost of genome technologies decreasing and becoming more accessible, manufacturers are able to create processes with higher output and efficiency without compromising on quality and effectiveness. As the growth rate of consumer interest in genetic testing continues to experience an upward trajectory, this will be an important focus area.

Clinical diagnostics are also becoming more complex, as higher volumes of data and variations become commonplace. This will increase the need for emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and robotic process automation, to enhance diagnostic accuracy across the industry.

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