The household durables industry has fared favorably due to COVID-19-induced lifestyle changes. Demand for furniture and home furnishings has risen as consumers shift spending from outdoor endeavors to instead enhancing home life.

This growth is expected to continue, as companies focus on new product innovation and accelerated improvement of existing products to better serve a well-informed market. Digital strategy, including digital marketing, will be critical to success for an increasingly online-first and digital-first market.

COVID-19 is also driving rapid adaptation of supply chain processes, as household durables retailers and manufacturers seek new, adapted, ways to streamline deliveries and prevent delays or disruptions. Reimagination of enterprise solutions will also be required moving forward, as organizations seek to adapt current physical workspaces, move into hybrid models, or shift remotely entirely.

Cedar has unique expertise in the household durables market, and our consultants are well-equipped to drive innovation through strategy transformation for your organization.

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