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The industrial sector, also known as the secondary sector, is made up of firms that make or sell machinery, equipment, or supplies used in manufacturing and construction. Cedar has a 30 year track record of assisting companies sector globally in assessing domestic and international marketing opportunities, joint-ventures/acquisitions, development and execution of strategy using the Balanced Scorecard framework. A critical part of Cedar’s support has been identifying Tier 1 & 2 component supplies for OEMs in home and international markets. The experience has included assisting Japanese and other global industrial firms assess opportunities in some of the largest manufacturing markets on the world including the US and China.

The impact of COVID-19 on this sector is significant. As consumption drops-off, manufacturing slows down, factories are partially or fully shut, and new capex gets deferred. All of this requires a rejig of manufacturing assets and related cost. In addition, those companies that have been over-dependent on China will have to look elsewhere including their own country for component sourcing.

Whether you are a small, medium or large manufacturing company, Cedar can help you ride this current wave safely. Let’s talk

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