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In emerging and developing markets, the issues are around exploiting growth opportunities - where should new malls be set up, what segments of the market should be addressed, how should these malls be efficiently managed, what kind of stores are required, and how much growth opportunity is really there. Countries growing from 4 retail sq.ft per capita to 23 have both opportunities and challenges. Some positive regulatory changes such as the opening up of multi-brand retail in India will also create opportunities that need to be successfully leveraged. The bigger emerging story is e-commerce, and its ability to disrupt the retail industry even in emerging markets.

Cedar has significant expertise in this sector. From assisting a leading US Fortune 500 retailer to helping develop plans for a 1 million square feet mall in a developing market, to petroleum retailing all the way to jewellery retailing - it has conducted assignments to help clients succeed rapidly and measurably.

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