Business Process Innovation

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AGILE Business Process Innovation (BPI)
With the COVID-19 challenge, business models will need to change to survive & succeed. The process framework will need to transform. Removing cost will be key. And it’s now also a digital world. With the urgent need to digitally satisfy customers end-to-end.

It is increasingly difficult to improve profitability through increased revenues or additional customers alone, which is going to be hard in the current context. Such initiatives take too long, results are mixed, and the forecasted savings are often not there. Many therefore turn to Cedar to enhance their profitability by improving operating efficiency and also enhancing their customer’s experience. Cedar’s strategic process improvement approach to tactically improve operating efficiency is innovative, fast, and seamless in implementation..

We review your process framework and finds opportunities to digitize and innovate. This includes hub & spoke models, insourcing/outsourcing, on-shoring/off-shoring and new approaches to digital automation including AI and RPA. The default approach is that all processes must be digitized unless an exception can be explained.

Our prioritization matrix helps identify processes that are mission critical and create competitive advantage. We first focus only on transforming process areas that create rapid big win efficiency and cost reduction benefits. Additionally, we recognize that processes are impacted by strategy, structure, technology and the culture of an organization. Our recommendations are therefore comprehensive covering all four areas.

Our implementation methodology is AGILE.  Most of our consultants are AGILE certified and Scrum Masters. AGILE ensures that you have implementation wins on a weekly basis. We take the responsibility of executing the recommendations with your management team to ensure full benefits are derived. Our innovative automation tool PROFIT is used to manage its process transformation programs.

Cedar also often prepares Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents in situations where clients are seeking to document all processes and helps train teams to ensure consistent process deployment.

Digitally innovate. Save cost. Increase customer satisfaction.

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