Client Situation

Our client is a government business development agency operating under the Italian Foreign Ministry headquartered in Rome. It operates trade development offices all over the world covering wines, cheeses, jewelry, leather, agricultural equipment and machine tools. In the case of this project, Cedar worked with the agency’s Chicago offices in the area of machine tools. Each year since 1995, Cedar has completed analyses of machine tool use in the US in various industries to identify market opportunities and potential US partners for Italian machine tool manufacturers.

Cedar’s Approach

In this program, Cedar was mandated to provide a detailed market assessment of machine tools used in the US automotive market.

  • Collected secondary information regarding automotive production, machine tool use and trends.
  • Interviewed the leading OEMs and tier 1’s in the North American automotive industry.
  • Segmented and forecasted the market by machine tool type and automotive components/systems to identify high growth opportunities.
  • Determined the best partners for Italian machine tool builders to partner with to supply machinery and provide pre- and post-sales service.


The program resulted in a detailed and accurate overview of the machine tool market in the US automotive industry. The results included

  • Provided a detailed and accurate quantification of the North American machine tool market and distribution channels serving the automotive industry.
  • Identified key machine tool distributors, importers and service companies serving the North American automotive machine tool market.
  • Identified the key North American distributors and importers to establish partnerships with Italian machine tool builders.
  • Resulted in the successful development of new partnerships in the North American automotive machine tool market.

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