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Execution Excellence | Making Strategy Work using the Balanced Scorecard 

Successfully executing strategy is the holy grail of business. For years, at least 50% of the firms that have successfully formulated strategy, have struggled to get the execution right. The problem is the same whether it is a small, medium or large enterprise, anywhere on the planet, in any industry. The challenge is compounded in a flat world, where markets and competition have no boundaries.

Sanjiv Anand brings his 30 years of consulting experience of crisscrossing the globe, helping clients across industries, of all shapes in sizes, make strategy work and bring execution excellence to their firms. And the framework he has used is the renowned Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework, the world’s leading strategy execution and performance management system.

This book is less about the theory of the BSC, but more about how to effectively use the BSC to execute strategy based on the over 400 scorecards designed by him, and his team. The book covers:

  • The relevance of strategy in a flat world. Is it dead?
  • Critical components of effective business planning
  • A Balanced Scorecard overview
  • Getting the BSC design just right – Strategy Map &Balanced Scorecard
  • Being practical about objectives, measures, ownership, and target setting
  • Getting the BSC execution right – from the first meeting to all the pit falls that follows
  • Designing cascade scorecards that align with the corporate scorecard
  • Getting individual scorecards right
  • Making strategy work for your firm

Most importantly, the book has real world examples of Strategy Maps and Scorecards across 10 different industries, along with case studies of successful implementation of the BSC.

Make strategy work for your business and achieve its greatest potential with Execution Excellence!

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Praise for Execution Excellence

“Execution Excellence is a very clear roadmap for any manager serious about improving performance with a team. Sanjiv has decades of experience solving problems with real-world companies and the challenges they face. This is a superb summary of his learning, communicated in concise, specific and easy to understand steps. I highly recommend it.”
— Ron Sanders, President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Entertainment

“This book is full of sensible practical advice on how to improve your business using the powerful tools of the Balanced Scorecard. Businesses of all types can see how to achieve their goals more effectively and quickly if they adopt the techniques shown here. Read and prosper!”
— Jon Moulton, Founder and Managing Partner, Better Capital

“Sanjiv certainly did not disappoint. The book is certainly a compendium of incredible experience he has had as a Consultant in different circumstances. It makes for extremely interesting reading. It is full of substance with practical and implementable suggestions and explains in an incredibly simple and straight forward manner how a tool like the Balance Scorecard can help in terms of framing and implementing business strategy in today’s complex and multi dimensional business world.”
— Akhil Gupta, Vice Chairman, Bharti Enterprises

“If you ever wondered how great generals manage their troops, this is your chance. Sanjiv is the general when it comes to implementing the BSC, having seen him in board rooms. If you are passionate about execution, then this is your back pocket guide. If you want more, read between the lines.”
— Saleh Lootah, Chairman, SSL Holdings, Former Board Member, Dubai Islamic Bank

“Sanjiv’s thirty year experience in helping firms drive enterprise and individual performance, and bringing alignment between these components comes clearly through in this book. The insights are practical, global, and across industry sectors. A must read!”
— Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer, Unilever