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Cypress Analytica is the business intelligence and predictive analytics division of Cedar.

Balanced Scorecard Accelerator

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in developing 400 scorecards across industries globally, Cypress, Cedar’s BI division has developed one of the world’s most innovative Balanced Scorecard (BSC) automation solutions - Accelerator. The Accelerator designed by Balanced Scorecard thought leaders (not MIS experts) allows for a rapid automation of a firm’s BSC to improve the quality of its reporting and the overall success of a BSC program to drive performance. It is IT “lite?, mobile, in-the-cloud and can be implemented within 4 weeks. The Accelerator also includes a dictionary of 2000 performance measures across industry sectors, allowing a client to leverage Cedar’s knowledge of the art and science of performance measurement unique to each industry to ensure the best measures are being selected to drive performance. The solution manages not only multiple enterprise scorecards, but also individual scorecards or IPMs.

Balanced Scorecard Accelerator Brochure

Industry Scorecards & Predictive Analytics Services

Cypress is in a position to design custom scorecards for various functions & departments across industries, especially financial services. It also can build CEO Dashboard’s allowing CEO’s to get a cockpit view of an organization’s performance. All of this is possible due to Cedar’s extensive industry knowledge combined with its business intelligence and database capability.

Services also include building highly effective predictive analytics models for the financial services industry using its proprietary PM Studio solution helping fast-track model development. Typical predictive analytics models that have been adopted predominantly in the financial services sector include Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Soft & Hard Attrition prediction for both assets and liabilities. This capability along with its campaign management and program management framework helps improve effectiveness of the Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and retention campaigns by three times as experienced by its banking clients.

Predictive Analytics Brochure

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Cypress Analytica

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