Strategy Formulation

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In view of recent & significant global market challenges, you have no choice but to build a new business model and be a “strategy focused organization”. The challenge is not to have the ‘best strategy’ but one that is customized to your current context and can be executed successfully on a fast-track basis.

Cedar has three decades of strategy formulation experience in advising clients globally on developing executable strategies, using the world-renowned Balanced Scorecard framework. We develop a comprehensive strategy covering all four critical perspectives – a financial strategy that meets shareholder expectations, a customer & product strategy that helps achieve financial objectives, an internal process strategy that ensures customer expectations are met, and an organizational and digital technology strategy that ensures the clients excels in key processes and in the delivery of the overall strategy.

Our methodology includes detailed internal and external analysis. It innovatively summarizes your strategy in a Strategy Map showing the cause and effect between your strategic objectives, and more importantly concluding on the quantitative & qualitative impact the enhanced strategy will have on your performance.

Assignments are completed on a fast track basis, building consensus along the way, without disrupting operations. Besides formulating the strategy, Cedar can help you effectively manage the execution of the strategy, using our distinctive project management tool PRISM. Strategy formulation programs can be enterprise-wide and/or focusing on specific business units.

Let’s help you survive and succeed in this new world.

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