Retail Strategy

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Retail is what banking is all about. It’s about volume and transaction intensity. It’s about large-scale customer acquisition. It’s about making strong fee and interest income. The whole model is being disrupted by digital. Branches are being shut down or shrunk in size. It’s about doing everything digital from customer acquisition, on-boarding, products, credit, and processing. The next industrial revolution is upon us, and it’s about to significantly retail banking is all about.

Cedar is really good at build and executing a disruptive retail strategy. From concept-to-completion. Customer segmentation based on client history, external data and predictive analytics. Branch and location analytics combining catchment area analytics with internal performance data. Online channel strategies that result in breakthrough conversion of customer acquisition through digital. Product ideas that ensure maximization of cross-sell. Credit that combines a personal touch and excellent algorithms. And a back-off that is super-efficient, irrespective of whether it is in-house, or outsourced.

Cedar’s three-pronged approach to making retail banking strategy work includes excellent consultants, data sets for the retail space, and tools to effectively manage the program.

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