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In the current COVID-19 economic and business crisis, Cedar can help clients surgically assess their current their market & competitive position and help realign it to the new market reality focusing only on markets or that part of the business that generate profitable revenue in the short-term. This may also require entering newer markets on a fast-track basis.

For clients that are significantly dependent on China for their supply-chain, Cedar can rapidly develop alternate sourcing options not only from India, but other alternates in Asia, Europe, Turkey, LATAM and even in the US.

Entering new markets can be daunting. Since 1991, Cedar has used its strong market knowledge,  extensive in-house knowledgebase, and a distinctive Delphi methodology to assist in developing detailed market assessments and breakthrough entry strategies.

Working closely, Cedar evaluates your objectives, capabilities & resources. The Cedar team of country & industry specialists, then launches a thorough assessment that includes global & macro-economic trends, industry framework & trends, regulatory environment, competitive dynamics, technology trends, and implications for the client.

The final deliverable is a roadmap for market entry or enhancing penetration, with recommended modes of entry (import, wholly owned venture, contract production, joint venture, acquisition), partner/target identification, competitive & market positioning, distribution strategy, resulting financials & market share, and an execution plan.

Cedar in a Phase 2 assists in program managing its implementation and execution.

It time to be Christopher Columbus again!

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