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Inspite of the drastic downward trend in global oil prices, the benefits of moving to renewable energy sources continue to increase. This, along with greater concerns for the environment, are acting as strong catalysts for increased adoption of renewable energy which today accounts for ~26% of global energy consumption. Wind and Solar energy will continue to dominate the on-grid power. Biofuel blending in gasoline & cheaper fuel cells will likely start a new market for clean transport. Given these trends, it is not surprising that US$287 Bn worth of new investments was made in the renewable energy sector in 2018 alone.

Cedar’s renewable energy expertise spans wind, solar and biofuels. It has assisted multiple clients in assessing opportunities, demand and developing forecasts in the area of renewable energy and related equipment and components. Cedar has also developed a comprehensive renewable energy report covering global markets, technologies, forecasts, trends, government policies and investment analysis. Some of Cedar’s clients in the renewable energy space include Enercon, Suzlon, Premier and Southwest Windpower among others.

Global demand for conventional energy is rapidly shifting to and growing in emerging economies. This is causing fundamental changes in strategy for energy companies in the areas of markets, costs, supply chains, manpower and technology. Furthermore, the shift is across both upstream and downstream products and services.

Cedar has experience in conventional energy products and services across the value chain. From offshore drilling to petroleum retailing, Cedar’s teams have helped clients in emerging and developing economies in strategy formulation and enterprise performance management using the Balanced Scorecard, improving operations in supply and logistics and building loyalty programs.

Some of Cedar’s energy clients include BP, Caltex, Mobil, ADNOC Distribution, ADCO, Mitsubishi and US Department of Energy among others.

2020 is a big year in terms of shifts in global energy markets – consumption and supply. Let us help you re-map the opportunities and the resulting strategy.

Strategy Map Example for Energy

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