System Aligned Process Transformation

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Implementing any core banking system cannot deliver on its investments unless the users are fully acquainted with the system aligned process flows. Cedar team helps banks in documenting the process flows in simple 1 page definition of the processes, using its proprietary PROFIT Toolkit, with a repository of over 1000+ process flow definitions across all leading core banking platform.

The process flow defiitions incorporate both the manual and the system steps involved for each of the key processes involving key functions involved in the implementation, reflecting all key system steps related to the core banking platform that is implemented. Cedar knowledgebase includes process definitions of all leading core banking platforms, across both conventional and Islamic banks.

System aligned PFDs are documented using industry standard tools, and include visualization of steps involved, key controls and documentation requirements, serving as a fast-track substitute for long drawn SOP manuals, and provide an easy training toolkit to familiarize end users, and as a reference guide for continuous learning and development initiatives of the bank.

Cedar’s expertise in defining customer journey maps, help define the touchpoints across each stage of the journey involving moments of truth, and articulation of the customer experience, key steps involving the bank and the KPIs for measurement of delivery. Cedar Customer Journey Map definitions help in driving effectivenss of the execution, particularly for any digital transformation program.

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