Human Capital

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People are the heart and soul of any business. Well, at least till the robots take over. Yet, at the same time, they can’t come in the way of progress.

Cedar has a very practical approach to human capital in the financial services industry. To start with the shareholder, customers, and 80% of the employees should not suffer due to a firms inability on how to figure out what to do with the 20% that is a drag on the firm’s performance.

If you can get the following right, you are on your way to building a performance driven organization:

    1. Ensure the structure follows the strategy, not the other way around.
    2. Ensure clarity of roles within that structure.
    3. Ensure the right people with the right competencies are in the right spot.
    4. Ensure the KRAs are clear and there is a pay for performance compensation framework.
    5. Ensure competencies are in place due to select recruitment and redundancy.
    6. Ensure you have a ‘hit by the bus list’.
    7. And finally, ensure there is a climate for action.

Cedar is a thought leader in Unlocking Human Capital to Drive Performance. Let us help you build a performance driven team.

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