Process Transformation

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As we head into the digital world, customers are demanding immediate gratification. Everything in real time. From account opening to transactions to query resolution to credit approvals to statements. And on the mobile. Day or night. 24 X 7.

This can't happen unless the front office and back office process framework works at lightning speed. Great digitization is one solution. Having the right automation tools (e.g. AI, RPA) is another. However, it’s not that simple. There is still the bit about aligning a process framework to the customer segment. And then there is the other bit of the synchronization between manual and digital processes. As long as there are people working at a bank, this synchronization will still be needed.

Cedar has a path breaking approach of figuring out which processes to transform and why. For example, high frequency transactions, complex transactions, high value transactions, automatically make the short-list. Fixing them and quantifying the benefit and cost is another challenge. Is it a process change, technology change, people change, or cultural change or some combination of all of these that will make it happen? Cedar does a great job of not only figuring this out, but helping clients execute the change within 2 quarters using an AGILE framework ensuring the sprints deliver value every 4 weeks.

Standard Chartered
Deutsche Bank
Emirates NBD
Dubai Islamic Bank
BNP Paribas
RBL Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland

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